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XRacer Gaming Racing series

DXRacer Gaming Racing series – your hours-long race will be wonderful

The Gaming R-chairs are similar to the DXRacer Formula models, but their backrests are higher, wider and even more ergonomical, and they have increased strength and longer service life as a whole. These DXRacer chairs are primarily designed to cyber gamers who can sit in front of the screen monitor just about all throughout the day. Their DXRacer components pass a score of hard quality tests and have international certifications. The unique DXRacer control assembly allows to swing back and forth (targeted slope angles can be 3…17 degrees) and even block up in the horizontal completely.
You can select an amazing DXRacer Racing RV131 model with high spine support and 4D adjustable arms (6 positions are available), a stylish black R-DXRacer RE99 chair with the original DXRacer rump pillow, an uncommon DXRacer RB1 product with a plastic back and leather and vinyl covering etc.


• Increased quality
• Hyper robust metal structure
• Very high chairback
• Super adjustable altitude and slope angle
• Elastic polyurethane adjustable arms
• Anatomical and orthopedic properties (pillows in sets)
• Convenient step-like base
• Double rubber casters


• Weight and height restriction (for “average” users)
• Maximum safe load is 90-100 kg
• Biggish over-all weight

DXRacer Gaming Sentinel series – cozy chairs for tall and portly top gamers

The S-Gaming DXRacer chairs have chairbacks 91.4 cm back in length and 61 cm in width. If you are an inveterate gamer but you cannot find a computer chair by reason of your corpulence, it’s about time to purchase. The DXRacer Sentinel models are completely reliable and incredibly stable. Of course, they are spectacularly functional, as well as each of any other DXRacer F- or R-chair. Steel five-pointed crossbeams, inbuilt gently-acting hydraulic mechanisms, constant shape of seats, superdense polyurethane foam filling material, the lifetime DXRacer warranty for ossatures – all is gas and gaiters.
There are two popular versions of the DXRacer Sentinel: SK00 with the DXRacer polyurethane covering and SK28 with the DXRacer polyurethane and vinyl-carbonic covering.


• Guaranteed high quality
• Robust metal structure
• Very high and wide chairback
• Adjustable slope angle (the cap is 120 degrees)
• Anatomical and orthopedic properties (pillows in sets)
• Step-like five-pointed base
• Polyurethane casters


• Recommended user height – max 195 cm
• Maximum safe load is 158 kg
• Heavy weight
• Quite simple arms

DXRacer OH/FD99/N Formula Series

 This model’s PU leather feels like natural.

Why are dxracers so expensive? They were mostly designed for people of average height and built, that’s why they’re not very wide and should be properly chosen according to your body measurements. The dxracer f-series chair can hold users up to 178 cm weighing no more than 180 lbs. DXracer design itself was fully inspired by racing car seats. The wings on the back of the DXracer chair allow your to feel full control of the seat and nice support of your spine. The most pleasant thing about OH/FD99/N is that it’s released in thirty various designs and color variations.


  • Both DXracer cushions are included in the purchase;
  • As all of the other products, this DXracer model is fully adjustable;
  • Soft PU covering that feels like natural leather;
  • Extra high adjustable back is able to angle down to 135°;
  • Shaping foam of high density able to comfortably hold every curve of your body;
  • Fits if you’re no more than 5.10 feet tall weighing no more than 81 kg.


  • Lifetime guarantee. The DXracer warranty for the accessories is one year.
  • Provides perfect back support for both gamers and those who spend much time working on a computer.
  • Simple intuitive assembling and durable material.
  • The style of this DXracer chair model is appealing for most of the users. The design makes you feel like a king in a castle.
  • Marvelous mechanics, stable recline without troublesome issues with lowering and moving the chair on various types of surfaces.


  • The lumbar pillow feels uncomfortable for some of the users;
  • This DXracer chair will be uncomfortable for tall users. Keep in mind that OH/FD99/N has certain limits in matters of its users’ built. Be attentive for your guests trying it on.
  • Some of the users complain about the quality of the plastic decorative elements constantly falling off.

Pay attention that there’s a slight difference between all of the 30 models in this dxracer formula series. The key features and specifications are generally the same: the mechanism of lifting, adjustable elements and size of the chairs is always the same. There’s a difference in the material used for the covering. It’s signed in the name of each of the models.

  • Models having “FD” in the name are made with the use of nylon.
  • “FH” DXracer models have lighter aluminum in the base.
  • “FD” and “FH” DXracer chair models were designed with the use of fabric covering, however, some of the “FH” DXracer chairs have PU cover. You should specify this detail before you finally make your mind to get one.
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